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Updated: Jan 1, 2021

The choices that we make influence our experiences and our ability to maintain a relatively stable internal state of homeostasis. Nature adapts, ebbs, flows and has a biological life cycle. Just as mother nature will do her best to maintain harmony, wholeness and balance - so too do our bodies.

Our bodies are in constant communication with our internal and external world sending information via feedback loops and messengers known as hormones. Our health & vitality is dependent upon our ability to balance the Triangle of health. The nutritional/chemical, mental/emotional and structural/physical area of health.

Touch 4 Health sessions use the triangle of health and a unique four phase approach to empower you to know and understand what your body requires:

Stage 1: Foundations - Biochemical health

Create a stable biochemical framework. Everything has a biochemical impact – foods, thoughts, emotions, actions, people & places. Does it sustain or drain you?

Stage 2: Emotion and hormone health

Once you know the basics as to what sustains you (nurtures) or drains you (overload), you can start to create emotional intelligence, resilience and deeper hormonal stability. Work with your natural cycles of ebb and flow. Do you experience and express a rainbow of emotions?

Stage 3: Structure & immune health

Structural adaptability and integrity can imbed more deeply with a stable foundation and environment. Time to give your immune system the opportunity to begin to protect and support. Do you have good spinal, pelvic, shoulder girdle and core stability?

Stage 4: Cleansing, allergies & detox health

Any additional cleansing, calming and restorative aid to allow you to continue to create, nurture and support your health and manage the root causes behind chronic, acute and mild disorders. Empowering you to be in control of your own health and vitality. What choices can you make to maintain, sustain and nurture you?

During the pandemic where our systems can become strained and overloaded, a Touch 4 Health treatment can help to relieve a stressed nervous system and give our natural immunity a much needed boost. You can book an appointment online, or contact Zoisa to find out more.

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