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Starting with your 1-2-1 60 min assessment, we look at balance, posture, proprioception and introduce you to the MELT technique which underpins all our health and wellbeing fitness classes and training.

Our integrated approach incorporates two triangle of health models. The mental/emotional, physical/structural and nutritional/bio-mechanical model and the blood sugar, stress and hormone model. A variety of restorative manual treatments complement the movement, exercise and fitness classes available.

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Choose from private sessions, live, on demand and Zoom Pilates, MELT and Zumba classes. Get moving with our tailored sessions that work with you towards your goals.

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Restore and Recharge

It is important to realise that exercise alone is not enough. The body needs more help to achieve your fitness goals. Scar tissue, muscle imbalance, poor digestion, operations, misuse, disuse or overuse of our bodies leads to compensations.


Physical, biochemical, mental and emotional imbalances overload our systems resulting in poor posture, hypertonic muscles, loss of balance, sensation and pain that takes longer to go away. We offer a range of treatments to regain balance and restore the body's natural healing abilities.

Zoisa Holder providing massage treatment to a 4U Pilates & Wellbeing member



Zoisa Holder providing a Touch 4 Health kinesiology treatment to a 4U Pilates & Wellbeing member

Touch 4 Health

Explore & Find

Understanding our bodies and our health helps us to make informed choices so we can live an agile, energetic life. That’s why we have created the 4U ‘health hub’ which is packed full of blog articles, expert interviews, recipes and remedies. 

Our aim is to help you discover more about self-care, learning to recognise imbalances in your body and early signs of excess tension that can cause pain, reduced range of motion or poor posture, PLUS what to do about it!

For those who want exercises as well as information, sign up to our MELT MAPS or MELT Pilates member channels for On-Demand exercises, as well as early notification of upcoming workshops and a monthly newsletter

Zoisa ready to work with you. Book your initial assessment and start your fitness and wellbeing journey today



The right time to take action is anytime, just make time to create the change.


There is no quick fix, it takes time, effort, discipline, dedication, determination and self-responsibility. We have all the qualities in us, sometimes we just need a helping hand, support, guidance and encouragement.  


Let us help you. Book your 1-2-1 assessment and start your own 4U Pilates and Wellbeing journey! 

Zoisa ready to work with you. Book your initial assessment and start your fitness and wellbeing journey today - echo