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4U Pilates pain journey - 1 in 3 people live with Chronic pain do you? The journey starts with a niggle and if left uncorrected can lead to chronic pain, but with help you can have "Freedom"
concentric circles in bold orange indicating source of pain rippling out


NOT normal

concentric circles in purple

Are you tolerating pain?

We have been taught to accept (and even expect) aches and pains as we get older, due to injuries, illness, operations or ageing.


Warning triangle to indicated that pain is a warning sign that something is wrong!

Pain is a warning sign that something is wrong! It should not be accepted as ‘the norm’. 

molecular structure - listen to your body. Signs and symptoms are indicators that something needs to be checked



Integrated holistic approach

Beetroot icon - diet and nutrition is a fundamental part of your health and wellbeing and it's VERY individual. Learn more with Zoisa
Brocolli icon - integrated holistic approach considers ALL aspects of your wellbeing
human silhoutte - learn about your body AND your health
Healthy blood cells - integrated holistic approach considers ALL aspects of your wellbeing

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ or quick fix solution to pain relief, which is why Zoisa’s integrated holistic approach looks at body, brain, hormones, emotions, nutrition, gut health, nervous, connective tissue and endocrine systems, because imbalances in these overloads our systems resulting in poor posture, hypertonic muscles, loss of balance, sensation, weight and gut issues, lethargy, tired or wired, injuries and pain that takes longer to go away.

We want to teach and educate people about their bodies so that they can alleviate their pain and become the more agile, energetic, healthier, happier person they want to be.

Help! sign - is your body asking for help?


Through Zoisa’s knowledge and experience in multiple health and fitness disciplines we can support you back to better health using the right combination of Kinesiology, Massage, Pilates Fitness and MELT Method for you.


Book your 1-2-1 assessment and start your own 4U Pilates and Wellbeing journey! 

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