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Are you living with acute or chronic pain?

Do you find yourself having any of these thoughts?

pain target concentric circles in burgundy with chronic pain thoughts sitting on the circles
I just want to be me again speech bubble
No one is listening to me speech bubble
I know something is not right speech bubble
pain target concentric circles in pink with chronic pain thoughts sitting on the circles
I can't be in this much pain for the rest of my life speech bubble
Why can't the doctor understand speech bubble
This pain is not normal not for me speech bubble
STOP! warning triangle follows "Are you living with acute or chronic pain?"


Functional Kinesiology could HELP you!

chronic pain concentric circles in pink
chronic pain concentric circles in burgundy

Balance your energies and build a supportive foundation to relieve your pain. 
Hear from Zoisa herself about the benefits of Functional Kinesiology

Learn to move and be without impairment from pain

Understanding your pain
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Chronic health illnesses and pain can be caused by a number of influences in our body. That’s why at 4U Pilates & Wellbeing, I take a holistic view of your health - your body, brain, hormones, emotions, nutrition and gut health, nervous system, connective tissue systems and endocrine system.


Because imbalances in any of these areas overloads our system, resulting in poor posture, hypertonic muscles, loss of balance, loss of sensation, weight gain and gut issues, lethargy, feeling tired or wired, or injuries and pain that takes longer to go away.


your pain

The pathway to chronic pain

Initial Imbalance

The pathway to chronic pain starts with an incident or trigger, that causes an imbalance in your muscles or other body systems.


Perhaps a physical injury such as a fall, slip, lifting, twisting.  Biochemical changes - food allergies, intolerances, excess stress, and pre-pain symptoms.

the pathway to chronic pain starts with an initial imbalance, this is mirrored using a pain target of concentric circles is light orange

The stage of the journey when Functional Kinesiology

can identify a problem

Compensatory Pattern

After the initial imbalance and pre-pain symptoms, the body and mind start to develop compensatory patterns to alleviate the pain, trauma, inflammation, symptoms persist.

This can be a change in the way you move, your behaviours, mood, mindset.

Changes in eating patterns, sleeping patterns etc. 

the 2nd phase in the pathway to chronic pain is compensatory change, this is mirrored using a pain target of orange concentric circles

Functional Change

Without early intervention earlier, your body makes structural and biochemical changes to accommodate the new patterns you have created.


How you think, feel, speak, move, eat, behave, function is now 'the norm' for your body. New, different or worse symptoms.

the third phase in the pathway to chronic pain is functional change, this is mirrored using a pain target of red concentric circles

Chronic Pain

By the time your body reaches chronic pain, you have overwhelmed and overstressed your physical, emotional and nervous systems.  No wiggle room or buffer zone.


You are now looking a medical intervention to cure or relieve the pain or symptom(s) - either through long term medication or Surgery.

the final phase in the pathway to chronic pain is chronic pain, mirrored using a pain target of dark red concentric circles

The stage of the journey when blood tests can identify a problem


What is Functional Kinesiology?

Based on the Chinese 5 Element theory combined with chiropractic knowledge, acupuncture, and nutritional science, Functional Kinesiology is a hands-on fully clothed treatment where we use a series of muscle testing techniques to help identify imbalances in your body. 

These ‘over’ or under’ energies in the body can be due to pain, hormones, digestion issues or emotional issues. The purpose of Kinesiology is to identify the issues or the ‘stressors’ on the system - whether that is physical, emotional, biological or electrical - and then re-balance the body and implement an ongoing programme to alleviate pain and regain mobility.  

How does Functional Kinesiology help?

Chronic pain

Whether this is due to injury, operation or just ‘age related’ aches and pains, Functional Kinesiology gets you moving again. The first stepping stone on the pathway back to an agile, energetic ‘you’

Menopause and peri-menopause

Identifying and correcting hormonal imbalances

Digestion issues 

Identifying food intolerances and any digestion issues that may be manifesting as physical pain

Mental health

Helping with anxiety, stress, depression, burnout

What does Functional
Kinesiology do?


musculoskeletal imbalances, aches & pains



inflammation & support autoimmune conditions


deep stress, tension, trauma & experiences held within the body 



Wholebody health, vitality, resilience & positive mindset

When will I see results?

At the end of every session Zoisa will have rebalanced your body. However, your mind and body have spent months, maybe even years learning to walk, move or think in the alternative compensatory pattern and will want to revert to this so we need to retrain the body and mind to move without pain and without impairment.


When you look at our 'pathway to chronic pain' above, you can understand how long it took  from initial incident to chronic pain and we need to unwind that journey  physically and emotionally and re-learn to move correctly. 

Your body CAN!

The journey requires self-responsibility. You need to be prepared to commit your time, effort, discipline, dedication and determination but we will help you regain your mobility by creating a plan of action, selecting the mix of Functional Kinesiology, massage, MELT, Pilates and movement sessions that is right for you, as well as providing ongoing support, education, guidance and encouragement.  


Functional Kinesiology starts with an initial assessment with Zoisa which is a 90-minute session. Sessions after that are 60 minutes. Whilst you can have as many sessions as you feel you need; we find that people who have 6 or more regular sessions see greater benefits and we offer discounted packages for 4, 8 and 12 sessions as well as the option to spread payments over 2 and 3 months. 

Getting U moving, and keeping U moving

4U Pilates & Wellbeing's wheel of health balance - to get you moving and keep you moving. Includes all services Functional Kinesiology, Melt, Massage, Pilates

Finding the 'real you' again

We begin our journey together, using Functional Kinesiology to identify the key imbalances in your body – whether that is biological, emotional, hormonal, or digestive.

Then we create a programme tailored for you, using a mix of Functional Kinesiology, massage, MELT and Pilates to help to get you moving so you can start to feel like 'you' again. 

Magnifying glass in green sits over "identify" looking at the 'whole you' to finding the 'real you' again
Stop watch icon - time to book your assessment
warning triangle - take action now and book a kinesiology session or assessment at Wells or Somerton

Book your initial Kinesiology Assessment

Book your Functional Kinesiology assessment at our Wells or Somerton Studio and start your own 4U Pilates and Wellbeing journey! 

1 hour 30 mins


Or try a taster session

Remarkable progress!


Just wanted to say how grateful I am for the Kinesiology food testing session.

I have cut most of the things you suggested. The effect on my painful knees has been amazing. Not quite springing about, but I have just spent a week working hard on Dartmoor with virtually no pain. Just before I saw you last I had to walk backwards down a Welsh mountain because the pain was too much moving forwards. Remarkable progress. 

— Giles

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