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Welcome to an integrated model of Pilates, movement, fitness and wellbeing that looks at the whole you. Your body, brain, hormones, emotions, nutrition and gut health, nervous and connective tissue systems are all interconnected.


4U Pilates & Wellbeing in Somerton and Wells offers an integrated approach to health, putting you back in the driver's seat of your fitness and lifestyle. Starting with a private assessment - tailored to you - with a mix of exercise, movements and treatments, to help you reach your goals.

4U Pilates takes a holistic view of your health and wellbeing, from exercise to massge, nutrition to mental health
Demonstrating how 4U Pilates helps improve your posture, balance, flexibility, movement, whilst reducing aches and pains.

Our holistic approach helps:

  • Improve posture, balance, movement

  • Adjust and stimulate pelvic, hormone, bone and brain health

  • Reduce aches and pains in joints, back, neck or shoulders

  • Release muscle stiffness or tension

  • Build strength, stamina and resilience

  • Improve memory, focus and concentration

  • Prevent re-occuring injuries

  • Calm the overactive nervous system

  • Support digestion or gut issues

Are you ready for change?

4U Pilates - get empowered, make the change to move better, reduce aches an pains and say no to feeling old before your time

Get empowered, make that change to move better, reduce aches and pains, stop compensatory patterns that lead to re-occurring injuries, and say no to feeling old before your time.  

Discover what helped me, after a C-section, skin cancer operations, scars, re-occurring injuries and hormonal changes.

Help yourself with classes, private sessions, workshops and holistic treatments.

Soothing massage background image for treatments available from Zoisa Holder at 4U Pilates
Zoisa giving a restorative massage which reduces the imbalances of excess strain and tension to create deeper changes.

Massage Treatments

Take time for yourself, unwind and receive a restorative holistic treatment to reduce the imbalances of excess strain and tension, create deeper changes.  


There are a variety of treatments available to improve fluid flow, scars, posture and reduce aches and pains. Choose a specific or bespoke treatment for you to release compression, restore balance and improve recovery time. 

Zoisa Holder owner of 4U Pilates in Pilates pose.
Instructor Zoisa Holder created 4U Pilates & Well-being from a desire to help people maintain movement in mid to later years

About Zoisa

"I understand first hand how life, injuries, operations, poor habits, lack of sleep and self care can reduce your ability to lead an active, energised, independent life.

I created 4UPilates & Wellbeing to educate and empower people to manage the change they experience in their bodies through different life stages. Young, mature, mid-life to Golden years, learn about the changes, embrace them and feel in control again."

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Our Locations

Conveniently located just off the Wookey Hole Road in Wells (with free parking) and situated in West Street Somerton just along from the TSB Bank. Our studios are ventilated, spacious and in beautiful surroundings to provide the perfect environment for your training.


Our Somerton Studio offers a full complement of large Reformer Pilates equipment. Dynamic, versatile machines that work with a glide board and variety of spring resistances to challenge stability, balance, stamina, strength, flexibility and provide feedback. Reformer exercises offer greater degrees of progression, regression, adaptability and intensity that fast-track improvements, whether objectives are general, personal, rehabilitative or elite physical performance training.  We have Covid-19 processes in place. Please view these before arriving. 

Somerton Studio, TA11 7PS
Wells Studio, BA5 2JG
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“A fantastic teacher.

Zoisa is a fantastic teacher, tailoring classes to folks' ability and needs. The studio is squeaky clean and well equipped and I walk out of sessions feeling happy, strong and tall! Highly recommend!”

— Jean Rankin