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Functional Kinesiology Foundation Course


Kinesiology training course 

Why study functional kinesiology?

We are living in a time of an aging population. In the UK (and across the world) people are living longer thanks to advances in medical healthcare. In fact, in England alone, the number of people over 85 looks set to double to 2.6 million over the next 25 years.

However, with a growing population living with an increased number of long-term conditions, our world is in the middle of a health crisis. The system is creaking. The availability of health support and resources vary widely by geography; the health industry training is struggling to keep up with advances in science; and statistics show that the number of people living with chronic conditions, multiple conditions or co-morbidities is on the rise.

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In a world dominated by science, the wisdoms from traditional whole system medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Naturopathy have been discarded, mispresented or misunderstood. But there are signs of changing attitudes, that the scientific world is now drawing on and confirming knowledge from these ancient traditional modalities.

From its chiropractic beginnings, Functional Kinesiology combines knowledge and ideas from Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, nutritional science and functional medicine. 

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Functional Kinesiology Foundation Course Training

The training on this course brings together knowledge and science into a unique, comprehensive, easy to follow model.


It will help you to:

  • uncover the areas of health imbalances,

  • understand more about the signs and symptoms that you are seeing or experiencing,

  • and give you the tools and techniques to be able to support the body to allow its natural healing resources to occur.  

No matter what the symptoms - digestive issues, hormonal issues, migraines, low self-esteem, confusion, learning difficulties - this foundation course will give you the knowledge, resources, and methodology to begin to make a difference in your own life and that of others.

What will I learn?

This course builds on the origins of Applied Kinesiology and furthers this knowledge with the latest in nutritional science and functional medicine. An integrative whole-body perspective to health and wellness with muscle testing still at the heart of it.  


You will learn to use muscle testing to discover which muscles are imbalanced, and the connected organs and meridians causing imbalances.


Why is that important?

Imbalances left unaddressed can lead to a pathway of ill health or chronic conditions. You will learn a variety of techniques to be able to deal with mental, chemical, physical and electrical realms of imbalance, as well as food sensitivity testing, techniques to help with writing, reading and other educational kinesiology techniques to turn the brain on.

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About the Kinesiology training

The course is a mixture of learning through five in-person teaching weekends and your own self-paced learning through the online course material, culminating in a practical and theory weekend assessment.

In-person Training

The classroom attendance provides practical training in Kinesiology techniques. 


You will be set case study homework tasks to get you practising your kinesiology skills, right from weekend one! 

Over the duration of the course training you will be required to complete four case studies in total, each one must be completed before the next weekend's session.

Online Training Portal

The online training portal is designed to support your in-person training. With videos, and quizzes, it allows you to revisit new concepts learnt and watch back techniques.  

The four case studies, quizzes, book reviews and reflective questions are there to help you track your progress, and check your learning and understanding. 

Weekend Assessment

There is a practical and theory exam at the end of the course.


It is an open book multi-choice theory exam and the practical assessment involves demonstrating your ability to complete ‘balancing’. It is an informal day with additional help and support given for any students with learning challenges such as dyslexia.

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The 4U Pilates & Wellbeing Functional Kinesiology Foundation course is run in association with the The College of Functional Wellness. The course covers the approved material and utilises the college's online training portal. Your final weekend assessment is conducted by the The College of Functional Wellness and your Kinesiology qualification, accreditation and status will be awarded by them. 

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What can I do after this training?

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Once you have completed your training and passed the assessment day you can get insured and change your member status of the kinesiology from 'Student' to a 'Foundation Functional Kinesiologist'.

If you wish to deepen your knowledge and learn more about hormones, supplements, digestive and immune issues then you can continue onto the practitioner diploma course.  

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Functional Kinesiology Foundation Course Details

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Course structure

All weekends must be attended and the course starts at 9.30am each day and finishes at 6pm. You will be given access to the online learning portal, student community portal, course text and homework books after your first weekend. You are required to do 4 case studies each weekend and compete all the homework questions and quizzes.

Where is the course held?

4U Pilates & Wellbeing Studio

3-4 West Street 


Somerset TA11 7PS


Google directions to 4U Studio

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Course Dates

In person training dates:

  • Level 1 – Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th September

  • Level 2 – Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th October

  • Level 3 – Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th November

  • Level 4 – Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th January

  • Level 5 –  Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th February

Consolidation and Assessment

  • Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th March in Fareham, Hampshire)

Course Fees

The total course fee is £1500, payable as an initial deposit payment of £275 and a balance of £1225.


If you prefer to pay monthly, the total course fee is £1650 payable as an initial deposit of £275 and 5 further monthly instalments of £275.