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Finding your focus

Exclamation mark in green signifies overload and overwhelm
Promotional green circle to register for the 1 hour Wellbeing workshop on Overload, Overwhelm and creating balance

Overload, overwhelm and
creating balance....

We ALL have times in our lives, when we feel we have too many demands on our time, that we are being spread too thinly, have too many plates spinning and are struggling to focus and complete the tasks on our list.

Stop watch timer signifies time stressors causing overload and overwhelm

The result is that we feel like we are running through treacle and getting nowhere. We aren’t getting ahead of our tasks, we are exhausted, we have stopped making time to rest and restore, and often we will suffer silly injuries because we are rushing, being inattentive, and doing too many things at once.

I want to help you
help yourself.

Exclamation mark in blue signifies overload and overwhelm
Plates spinning frantically on poles signifies overload and overwhelm
Sand timer almost out of sand signifies the time frustrations leading to overload and overwhelm

Through my 1 hour workshop, I will show you how to:


With yourself and your body

Stop pause and connect, palm of hand connected by dots


Which of the 4 body systems needs support?

Discover what is working, what is not and why might that be.


The early warning signs that your systems are overloaded, overwhelmed and out of balance.

Are you trying to fit into a framework that doesn’t work for you?


W​ith 4 QUICK & SIMPLE TECHNIQUES to help REBALANCE your mind & body and FIND YOUR FOCUS when you feel a sense of overwhelm, physically, mentally or emotionally. 

Take that first step and move forward with focused intent.
Let your strengths guide and support you.

foot prints in pink leading you to 'take that first step to register and move forward with focused intent'
3 Frequency waves in different colours from 4U Pilates & Wellbeings brand - purple, green and orange to demonstrate fuzzy thinking when brain is overwhelmed
foot prints in pink leading you to 'take that first step to register and move forward with focused intent'
helping others to learn

What’s more, these tools will help you to understand and recognise symptoms not just in yourself, but also in your family, co-workers, or children in your care - so you can spot when they need support, and the simple 2-minute techniques can be easily shared to help everyone create balance and find their focus.

Are you ready to support your body and

Find your focus - head silhoutte and thought waves
Yes! I want to attend!
save the date calendar with tick mark for Find you Focus workshop date options
'Stop' hand signal with connected dots and lines. The workshop will teach you to STOP, PAUSE & CONNECT

Not on the list?

Book a workshop with Zoisa for your Group, School or Organisation

Alarm icon signifies overload and overwhelm
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