121 training and health coaching

Private bespoke sessions

4U Pilates member having a bespoke 121 training session with Zoisa

Get 1-2-1 attention to maximise success in reaching your goals, practice between sessions and follow recommendations given to create healthy movement patterns. Improve gross motor skills, rhythm, co-ordination, walking, balance, reduce stress, tension and more. You can add group sessions and online courses to enhance your training.


  • Establish a baseline of existing movement patterns.

  • Move with strength, flow, stamina & support.

  • Improve gross motor skills, rhythm & co-ordination. 

  • Energise & nourish body, bones & soft tissues.

  • Reduce stress & tension.


121 health & life coaching 

There are times in life when we all feel that we have become ‘stuck’ and unable to move beyond a certain point, whether that is emotionally or physically in our health or fitness. Using knowledge gained through both my Kinesiology Diploma and my Post Graduate in Integrative Medicine, I will help to guide and coach you through these obstacles so that you can continue your path towards your health of life goals.​



  • Keep you on track

  • Banish those self doubts.

  • Address any life, fitness or health goals: changes, hormones nutrition, menopause or overcoming emotional trauma.

  • Provides tools & techniques to help you support yourself.

  • Available online or in person at Somerton or Wells

Get ahead of the curve with 121 training or Health and Life Coaching

We all have things in life we want to achieve. For some people it's climbing Kilimanjaro, running a marathon, being at the top of their sport - for others the goal (which can be just as challenging) is to address their work/life balance, learning to carve out 'me time' without burning the candle at both ends or finding a way to overcome an acute or chronic health issue so that they feel like themselves again. Or all of these things!

Whichever path you are on, there are times when we hit a plateaux and our motivation wanes. This is when you need a good support team to help you stop, PAUSE, REGROUP and then... TAKE ACTION. 

Through my 121 fitness training or health and life coaching we can work out how to overcome the obstacle (physical or mental), regain that focus, and get back on track!