Restorative MELT Maps OnDemand


OnDemand Restorative MELT Classes and Maps with Zoisa 

Our Restorative MELT classes can now be enjoyed OnDemand. With over 30 videos now live and more being added each month, you'll have plenty of choice for your 30 minute MELT session OnDemand. 

Simply pick a session, pay £3 and follow Zoisa as she guides you through the moves. If you have any questions or need 121 help, you can contact Zoisa or book on to one of our Live MELT Classes on Zoom or 121 sessions

Please be sure to read our 'before your start' information ahead of your session.

Before you start!

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You need to make sure you have your MELT balls, full and half soft roller, mat and some head pillows. If you need any of the MELT equipment, please contact Zoisa.

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​Exercise should be performed at a pace which feels comfortable for you. Pain is the body’s warning system and should not be ignored. If you feel ANY discomfort during a session ease back the pressure or go indirect rather than direct.


REMEMBER MELT Method is a PAIN FREE technique - get in, get out.

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You can also view more tutorials, sequences, and maps with Sue Hitzmann by subscribing to MELT On Demand, the MELT Method’s streaming video service. Or purchase the books.

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Ready to start?

The video titles indicate which week the MELT Class Map session is, e.g. 'MELT Class sequence week 1'. Simply choose the week you want and hit the play or £ button and pay to view. You have 48 hours to view your video and you can do so unlimited times in that period! 

Let's get the volume up, click play and start MELT-ing with Zoisa!