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How our emotions impact our physical health....

Updated: Apr 22

Emotions don't just impact our mental health, they can also have an impact on our physical health….

Yep, I hear you - "What are you talking about Zoisa?"

But that trapped shoulder, that pain in your gut, that very physical pain in your arm, leg, foot - your emotional health could be hindering your body!

Still shaking your head? My emotions, Zoisa? Causing physical pain?

Hear me out……

Joy, love, grief, shame, regret, fear, anxiety, anger - all of our emotions are a biological reaction, feelings triggered from a variety of stimuli, thoughts, words, actions and environments. They are a fundamental part of our biology, used to help navigate and order our experience of the world around us. Which is why emotions and our psychological state influence ALL of our being - our movement, mindset and energy.

Consider your body when you are happy:

You have lots of energy, you move easily and your mindset is positive - you feel able to DO anything.

Consider then the opposite in your body when you are anxious, angry or stressed:

How has the way you move, your mindset and energy changed? What has happened to your jaw, your shoulders, your neck? Tense right? How’s your stomach feeling? Tight? Gurgling? Fizzy? In fact, you can probably notice the tension in your whole body?

What’s more, you may still move quickly but not effectively; you are rushing not moving easily. You are more likely to trip, stumble, or twist awkwardly as your hurry.

Consider how would you move, breath, think and carry out your everyday activities in each of these states....

If you body feels expansive, open and receptive, how would that be?

If your body feel contracted, closed and unreceptive, how would that be?

Our bodies work best when we are content and relaxed, ideally we’d move like a gymnast - soft, supple and yet strong – ALL the muscles pulling working together equally in harmony to create our movement. Unfortunately, our lives are not always that simple, which is where Kinesiology comes in.

Balancing the energies

Within Kinesiology, we look at imbalances throughout the body - over energies and under energies – and during a session we rebalance the body and the mind. Kinesiology uses both Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Element theory and NLP techniques to address a wide variety of emotional issues that can cause these imbalances in the muscle-meridian-organ connection.

What’s holding you back?

To find out more about your own body, book a 121 session or kinesiology taster session at Wells or Somerton:


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