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Pilates and sports fitness - how can it help?

Updated: Apr 22

Your questions answered:

What sports is Pilates good for?

Pilates can be used to help with ANY sport or activity - golf, running, cycling, football, horse riding.

Do athletes use Pilates?

Yes. Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Antonio Brown, James Harden, Andy Murray, Jake Arrieta, Tiger Woods, Mark Canha are all athletes that use Pilates.

How often should athletes do Pilates?

Two to three times a week is beneficial.

What fitness category is Pilates? And what is the difference between Pilates and fitness Pilates?

There are different training schools and organisations that teach Pilates. Pilates Foundation, Body Control Pilates and Stott Pilates are leading training organisations. It can take up 2 years to qualify including vocational teaching experience. Other fitness Pilates courses only last a weekend. It is important to know how much training your instructor has received. Pilates fitness courses can give an overview but the assumption is that you are working with healthy fit individuals.

Is 20 minutes of Pilates a day enough?

Yes 20 minutes of Pilates is beneficial on a daily basis.


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