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Want more from your personal training?

Updated: Apr 22

If traditional ‘working-with-weights’ or personal training hasn’t worked for you, too much ‘grrr’ but not seeing results…

AND you like a bit of variety in your training

AND if you’re the type of person who wants to understand more

about your body for example:

  • UNDERSTANDING why it’s doing what it’s doing,

  • RECOGNISING when muscles are not ‘switching on’ or over compensating for other areas

  • LEARNING about what foods could help you to train

  • LISTENING to your body – do you need to work hard today or do more stretching? Perhaps you need to release excess tension – a bit of body work or massage is needed

Then I invite you to try a

I use a mix of Pilates, Kinesiology, MELT and massage to help your body reach your health and fitness goals.

Starting with your 1-2-1 initial assessment, we look at your balance, posture, proprioception and goals, plus introduce you to both Kinesiology and the MELT technique which underpins all my health and wellbeing fitness sessions and training.


My integrated approach looks at all aspects of your make up biochemcially, structurally, emotionally and electrically, giving you a bigger picture view or your health and wellbeing goals.

Book your initial assessment slot with me at Wells, Somerton or Online


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