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Bone Health - Keep it moving!

Updated: Apr 22

Did you know?

According to "about 70–75,000 hip fractures (proximal femoral fractures) occur annually in the UK.

Hip fracture is the most common reason for admission to an orthopaedic ward, and is usually a ‘fragility’ fracture caused by a fall affecting an older person with osteoporosis or osteopenia (a lesser degree of bone reduction and weakness due to the same process as in osteoporosis).

The average age of a person with hip fracture is 77 years and the annual cost of medical & social care for all the hip fracture cases in the UK amounts to about £2 billion!

In order to build strength, a stable foundation and alignment is required. Use our body alignment chart to assess where you are holding excess strain or tension and then do the following release exercises in our video before any strength or resistance exercises.

Watch our 10 min video for exercises to help strengthen the neck of the femur.

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