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Wellness Wednesday - Men's Hormones part two

Updated: Apr 3

In male adolescence there are many hormones changes that occur as the levels of progesterone, testosterone and oestrogen change.

Progesterone is the foundation building block for a number of other hormones including testosterone.

It supports bone mass, blood sugar regulation, brain activity, and other functions in the body.

Testosterone supports growth of penis, testes, facial and pubic hair, deepens the voice, increases muscles mass, strength and growth in height. Oestrogen support erectile function and the production of sperm.

Supporting the endocrine system and the adrenals by eating a balanced and varied diet, ensuring an in take of protein, carbohydrates and fats at every meal.

Check out our food sheet for more info

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14-21 June is Men's Health Week

Find out more at the Men's Health Forum

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