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Why 'gut instinct' and 'follow your heart' are more than just sayings

Updated: Mar 28

Did you know that you have more than 1 brain? In fact you have 3!

One in your head that you know about (your cephalic brain), one in your heart (the cardiac brain) and one in your gut (your enteric brain).

Yep, you read that right, 3 brains!

According to Soosalu & Oka, creators of m-braining, the neural network in your gut contains over 500 million neurons - the equivalent size and complexity of a cats brain! And both your heart and gut have an ability to display intelligence and learn.

Based on over 600 neuroscience research papers into the enteric, cardiac and cephalic brains, Soosalu and Oka developed new behavioural change techniques known as m-braining. They basically used over a decades worth of neuroscience research to prove and remind us of long forgotten knowledge, handed down over thousands of years that we would now think of as 'ancient wisdom'.

So what is 'm-braining' and what has that got to do with gut instinct?

If you're experiencing internal conflict, finding it hard to make a decision, motivate yourself or act upon your dreams, it could be that your brains aren't aligned in the 'end-goal'.

Through m-braining techniques you learn to understand what each of the brains is trying to achieve, what it needs and how you can align the brains to achieve your goals. For example, we say the heart wants what it wants, but if that's going to put you in danger, the head and gut will present objections, giving you a sense of indecision or internal conflict.

So for successful goal setting or changing behaviours effectively, you would align your 'heart's desires' with the 'gut courage' to complete them, and using your 'head brain creativity' to design the plan.

Want to learn more about m-braining - go to their site or take a look at their book

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