Best Foot Forwards In The Festive Season

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

How often have you stopped to look down at your feet? Take a moment to appreciate your feet – they carry you through your entire life, bearing the brunt of your body weight.


Like any other part of the body, the feet need movement to stay healthy and active.

Research by Get Britain Standing has shown that on average, British people sit for over 8 hours a day. Not only does this switch off the leg muscles, it also reduces the metabolic rate, disrupts blood sugar levels and increases blood pressure.

Sitting for this long increases people’s risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


Aside from the conditions we’ve mentioned, sitting for long periods also affects the function of the foot. This is worse in winter, when icy weather and humidity causes our feet and legs to get cold, achy and stiff. In winter, it’s not uncommon for people to experience foot cramps, chilblains, and cracked and dry skin.


How do we keep our feet happy and healthy through the seasons? Here are some basics:

  • Washing and drying feet thoroughly

  • Using a foot cream to massage foot muscles and keep feet moisturised

  • Practicing foot awareness and movement – learn all about this in our upcoming workshop on foot function and health.

We’ll be discussing all of this and more in our January workshop on Balance, Stability and Healthy Feet.

“Feet are made to move forwards - not backwards!” – Neal A Maxwell
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