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Getting under your skin - why hydration is key

Updated: Apr 22

Our skin is not just a protective barrier but, as part of our connective tissue system, is key in providing information about our internal and external environment. Receptors in the skin give us feedback/information about – heat, pressure, intensity, compression, ability to stretch, and inflames to trigger healing chemicals when we are injured or wounded.

The ability of these receptors to send the information is dependent on the environment of the skin. Not just the first layer but the layers beneath and for this hydration is key.

How to hydrate the skin to help it

Whilst a glass of water is nice and cooling on a hot day and helpful for digestion – it doesn’t mean that it’s getting through the body cellularly – particularly if you are sedentary through illness, injury or through your lifestyle – perhaps you have to sit at a desk for long periods at a time.

Stretching & mechanical manipulation helps to draw in more fluids so that the integrity of the connective tissues to adapt and return to ideal homeostatic state is possible. The MELT Method is one of the tools that can help with that fluid flow, designed to hydrate the body cellularly to help all the layers glide, slide and adapt so that you can move better.

I'll be talking about skin and the connective tissue later this month but if you want more info now check out my blogs about what happens when we overload or overwhelm the connective tissue and the importance of hydration

To find out more about the MELT Method and how it can help your body, book a private session with me at Wells or Somerton

To find out more about MELT, including purchasing the kit and signing up to my Live, Zoom or OnDemand sessions and MELT Map (routines) downloads head to the MELT METHOD COURSES AND RESOURCES PAGE

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