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How do you care for the vehicle that gets you from A to B?

Updated: Apr 15

Whether it is a car, motorbike, or bicycle it is important to regularly check how it is operating.

How often do you check you tyre pressure, fuel, oil, water? Are you aware when your car, motorbike or bicycle is not running the same, did it sound or feel different when you travelled in it?

According to Nerdwallet the average yearly cost to run a car in the UK is between £3406.80 - £5744.40. For self-employed or business owners, the added cost of any downtime due to accidents, repairs etc can take this value up to in excess of £6000 a year!

But what about you and your body?

Do you take the time to regularly check in, listen to how it is feeling, get a regular check up, know what the signs and symptoms are for imbalances?

If your car is running sluggish or you put in diesel instead of unleaded or vice versa the cost can be heavy. Yet when we put in different fuels to our bodies, our systems are very adaptable and find a way to keep us going, up to a point.

How often do you feel that ache or pain but carry on? Or put off 'doing-something-about-it' due to demands of life, work, relationships etc? Is it days, weeks, months, years?

The cost of workplace injuries and ill health

HSE statistics state that "The total costs of workplace self-reported injuries and ill health in 2018/19 was £16.2 billion. Ill health causes the biggest proportion of total costs at around 66% (£10.6 billion), with injury resulting in around 34% of total costs (£5.6 billion)".

That's just the cost for cases actually reported but how many males do not even come into the statistic because they put up with the signs and symptoms?

Support for men's health

Fortunately, the awareness, education and empowerment for the health and self-care for men is improving with the help of organisations such as 'Men's Shed Association'. The association was created to promote and support social and health issues that men face by providing community spaces where men can create, connect and converse. They focus on issues such as isolation, asthma, mental health, prostate health to name a few.

'Movember' is a leading charity started by a group of male friends in Australia - changing the face of men's health one moustache at a time. Males die up to 6 years earlier that women, statistics on unchecked prostate cancer rates are set to double over the next 15 years and did you know that testicular cancer is very common for men aged 15-39? Movember funds projects all over the world, they are represented in over 21 countries and have gained over 5 million members since its 2003 inception. In 2020 alone, they raised over $1 billion for mental health, prostate cancer, suicide prevention and testicular cancer programs in 20 countries.

Did you know that there was a yearly men's health week? The 'Men's health forum' supports the health and wellbeing of men and boys in England, Wales and Scotland through research, awareness, advocacy and training. They have created a number of 'Man Manuals' on topics such as diabetes, stress and male MOT.

Self-care and the ability to access help and support, knowing where you can go and knowing what you can do for yourself are very important. Stop and take some time this month to support yourself or the men in your lives connect and communicate. Together changes can be made.

June 14-20 is International Men's Health Week.

Get involved, get informed!

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Simpson Garcia
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