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Integrated health - we're all connected

Updated: Apr 22

In this short video I try to give you a whistle stop tour into Kinesiology and integrated health. To demonstrate it, I’m going to look in particular at our pectoral muscles (which is connected to our sternum and also our rhomboids - at the back deep between the shoulder blades.

At times you may find movement restricted as you reach press or pull either by tension or pain. And the really interesting thing about those two muscles is they're actually connected to the liver…..

Liver, elements, energies and emotions

Our liver’s job is to clear out all the toxins. So that pain or restriction in your pecs or rhomboids could be coming from an imbalance in your liver meridian. And when you apply Chinese Medicine knowledge (which we do in Kinesiology), we learn that the liver is active between 1 and 3 am, so if you’re constantly waking between those hours, I would be interested and curious to find out what’s going on with your Liver Meridian.

Further, applying TCM knowledge of elemental connections - that's wood, water, earth, fire, metal - we can learn more about the emotions and energies that the liver (and by extension the pain in your pecs or rhomboids) might be connected to…..


If you've watched the video and you want to learn more, you can either join my regular half day health workshops, or my Functional Kinesiology Foundation course . Or book a 121 Kinesiology session with me.


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