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Where's your head at?

Updated: May 1

4U Pilates & Wellbeing owner Zoisa Holder talks about the importance of good posture demonstrated through this image of the spine
Good posture can improve our quality of life in all areas. Many of us have poor posture, and this has serious side effects.

If your neck and shoulders are misaligned due to excess tension, then you might be experiencing some of the following signs and symptoms:

Back, neck or shoulder pain

Solution: Do some gentle back, neck and shoulder stretches, or book a massage.


Solution: Take a long bath and rub some lavender oil into your temples.

Stress and/or depression

Solution: Book a back, neck and shoulder massage to ease the stress and find release.

Body aches and pains

Solution: Do some gentle stretching followed by a hot bath.

Rounded shoulders

Solution: Practice some upper back and chest-opening stretches.


Solution: Practice some core strengthening exercises.

Head that either leans forward or backward

Solution: Do some gentle corrective stretches to promote alignment.

Muscle fatigue

Solution: A massage can be great for soothing and rejuvenating tired muscles.

Hunch back

Solution: Upper back and chest-opening stretches.


Here is a simple checklist to help you improve your posture:

  1. Know what the ideal posture is like

  2. Check in and see where your posture is

  3. Release it, move it yourself & notice any changes

  4. Get help to release it and move and notice any changes


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