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An ode to growing older...

By Zoisa Holder and Kelly Logan

Does your body feel stiff in the morning?

Or ache when you get out of a chair?

Hip pain, knee pain, back pain and headaches?

Do you creak when you walk down the stairs?

Anxiety, low energy and blooming brain fog

No longer cured by your early morning jog

Did I just say “jog”? It used to be run!

This getting older lark isn't much fun.

Your muscles feel tired, can’t reach things on the ground

New aches, pains and niggles can always be found

Weight gain, bloating or constipation

And suddenly developing a poo fascination.

Short tempered, wired and developing gout?

Menopause phases no-one told me about!

Where is pleasure and passion, where is the ‘real’ me?

Oops hold that thought, I have to go pee!

Doctors take bloods, and run tests to boot

But your mirror still reflects a tired old fruit.

You take a deep breath as they scan down the page

And declare “nothing’s wrong, it’s just signs of old age.”

I thought you would find my little ditty humorous, BUT, you don't have to accept 'signs of old age'! Join me for my half day workshops and learn how to become a 'Body Health Detective' and how to Take control of your Health!

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