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Creating change - how to start and make it last

Updated: Apr 22

Change happens throughout our lives - relationships, family, work, injury, surgery, pain, habits, behaviours, how we think, feel and respond.

All of these can have positive and negative effects, some of the events that occur we can control other we can not. There are 5 stages to creating long lasting change, being aware of these and where you are in them can improve your ability to determine if you are ready for change. The in-depth readiness check will help you to navigate the change process and highlight areas where help and support are required.

5 stages of change

There are 5 stages to creating long lasting change:

1. Precontemplation

"Everything is good nothing bothering me here" - lack of recognition of any changes/desire to create change.

2. Contemplation

"Concerned, mmm what to do?" - recognition something's up, explore more option, fact finding mission.

3. Preparation

"This is affecting my life, something has to change" - decisions to be made, need a plan of action and help.

4. Action

"I have a plan, help & support - Let's go" - take action, make that call, book that class, workshop, course, appointment and start your journey now.

5. Maintenance

"Yes I can - focus, review, evaluate and share" determination, persistence, will power and accountability to yourself and others are important to keep you on track to achieving your goal.

Stage 1: Pre-contemplation

Take time to check-in, reflect and picture what your current health & wellbeing is like. It is a good start and you can check in regularly. If you are happy with your current health & wellbeing, consider, how do i recognise good health & wellbeing? Is there a way to improve my health and wellbeing? Do I fancy a change or trying something new and different?

Stage 2: Contemplation

When it comes to health & wellbeing we can choose to be proactive, reactive or wait till things get worse. Good health and wellbeing is the ability to live a life with vitality and joy, where every individual can realise their own potential, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, make a contribution to their community and thrive. Knowing the different areas of health & wellbeing and their components is the starting point.

Stage 3: Preparation

Now you have a clearer picture of any changes that are required a plan of action is needed. The more informed you are before you move into the ACTION stage of creating change the greater your long term success and staying power.

Explore what options are available, get creative and have fun. Making a commitment to yourself and being accountable will empower the process. [see our blog on goal setting]

Stage 4: Action

The right time is anytime, just make time to create the change. There is no quick fix, it takes time, effort, discipline, dedication and determination. We all have these qualities within us, sometimes we just need a helping hand, support, guidance and encouragement. If you want help with planning your change journey, book an assessment with Zoisa.

Stage 5: Maintenance

Coming up with ideas and starting to create changes is simple, but what about staying the course? Keeping up with the motivation, remembering why you started creating the changes, getting back on track or even altering the journey where needed. Sharing your success, encouraging and inspiring others are also good ways to keep you motivated. Check out our blog on goal setting with tips to keep you moving forward or book an assessment with Zoisa to help you stay on track.


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