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Goal Setting to keep you moving onwards.

Updated: Apr 22

When goal setting, SMART goals give you structure and order to achieve your goals. There are many ways to start goal setting to keep you moving forwards and motivation is a very important part of your journey towards your goal.

When thinking about what goals you want to set it is good to write down different ideas that you have. Is there a particular area of your life that you wish to create a goal for i.e. work, family, leisure, health, fitness, relationships, social interaction, learning, creativity.

Below are some tips for when you begin goal setting:

Tip 1: Know your brain - How do you work?

Are you analytical, logical? Are you good at lists and seeing the different steps? Are you creative, do you like using your imagination, are you intuitive? These different qualities work with different sides of the brain and the best way to start your goal setting is to harness the way that you use your brain, to understand what comes easily. As a creative entrepreneur, I love working with movement and colour, so writing things down in colour or on coloured post-it notes is a great way for me to get started.

Tip 2: Inspiration & Support - When do you need them?

When starting to put together your goals, consider what is your inspiration and what support will you need? Do you work well when brainstorming with others or on your own? What is it you need to get you started - a quiet space, a colourful place, music, movement? You can make creating goals fun, enjoyable and do it in a way that will inspire you and allow you to come up what something that is meaningful for you. Inspiration and support are always available and creating a vision board or visual inspirational book or folder that you can refer to will keep you motivated.

Tip 3: Accountability & Regular Reviews

Accountability can be overlooked or underestimated. You can be accountable to yourself or you can share your goal and vision with someone else to help keep you on track. It provides you with the opportunity to be responsible and take action when needed and to review progress. It is important to have your goals where you can see and review them regularly. This will enable you to check if you are on track or if any changes need to be made on the way.

Tip 4: Rewards & Celebrating Success

Taking the time to reflect upon where you currently are, how far towards you goal you are. Mapping out milestones and rewarding your achievements along the way will help keep you motivated. They also provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the obstacles you have overcome. Gratitude to yourself and those that have helped you on your journey is motivational and inspirational. The reward can be as simple as taking the time to feel what reaching that stepping stone means to you. There is always a point in a journey when things get tough, when you need to persevere, dig deep and celebrating every stage of the journey, recording your progress and having witnesses will keep you moving forwards.

If you want help to set and achieve your goals, book your initial consultation with Zoisa - available via Zoom or in person (Covid restrictions dependent) Zoisa can help you get started. You can even choose to have a 15 minute free consultation first.


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