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If you need reminding... It's ok NOT to be ok....

Updated: Apr 22

Emotions, feelings - Do you recognise them? Do you really feel them and where they sit in your body? Do you allow them to 'be' and then pass? Or do you block them instantly?

From an early age we can be taught not to show or feel our emotions.

As children, we're taught to "stop crying", "don't show we are afraid", perhaps to "calm down', "stop making so much noise" - all for very practical reasons (for example we need to be quiet to hear the teacher) but what are we learning at that age? How much are we being taught about dealing with our emotions?

So I wanted to make the point that ALL emotions are valid, they all serve a purpose, even the negative ones have a value.

I wanted to tell you that:

  • It's ok to feel emotional.

  • It's ok to feel like you're struggling.

  • It's ok to reach out for help.

  • It's not about being perfect.

  • It's about giving yourself the space to feel what you need to feel.

We all need a helping hand at some point in time.

If you feel overwhelmed, sad, afraid - consider, what do you need to do to let it out of your system? Do you need to reach out to others?

Perhaps you turn to BACH flower remedies, Essential oils, Duvet time, nourishing food to support the body to find the building blocks?

How you can support and nurture your heart?

To find out more about your own body, book a 121 session or kinesiology taster session at Wells or Somerton:

Or check out my functional kinesiology course


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