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How our emotions affect our thoughts, muscles and gut

Updated: Apr 22

In my final video about the heart system, I look at your Health and wellbeing in relation to your emotions. In particular, how emotions affects your thoughts, your muscles and your gut.....

As Kinesiologists, when a client comes to us having experienced (or still experiencing) a very emotional situation in life, often this presents itself as a reaction in muscles like the shoulders and the scapular, but also in the stomach...

Listen to my video to find out more.....

If that has you intrigued - Keep your eyes out for my 1 hour online workshop coming up soon on overload, overwhelm and finding your focus, where I'll be giving you tools to spot the early warning signs of overload and overwhelm PLUS techniques for getting the body and mind back into the 'safe' operating zone.

To find out more about your own body, book a 121 session or kinesiology taster session at Wells or Somerton:

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