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Sleep and the Pineal Gland

Updated: Apr 30

Melatonin is needed for good sleep and this hormone is produced in the pineal gland (part of our endocrine system). The pineal gland is the timekeeper and is in charge of our circadian rhythms. It also produces the hormone serotonin, responsible for happiness and energy.

It is important that the pineal gets time to rest. Sleeping in dark room, reducing screen time in the evenings and wear amber colour glasses if you need to work in the evenings can help set you up for a better night's sleep.

For more information check out our many blog posts about sleep and circadian rhythms, sleep tips or our Expert interview about sleep [zip to12 minutes 21 for information about sleep].

Or listen to my short video about our sleep/wake patterns and their impact on our movement, energy, mindset and emotions...


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