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Your health, rhythms and cycles

Updated: Apr 22

Rhythms and cycles are part of nature. From seasonal cycles - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter to daily cycles - day, night.

Our bodies have a 24 hour cycle and also work with the seasonal rhythms too. In fact, every animal has its flow and also a routine to support its health.

Do you have a morning or evening bedtime routine?

Wake up and start your day with water to help hydrate and get fluids going. Invigorate and get the energy going by being under cold water for a few seconds at the end of your shower, drinking hot lemon/lime or rubbing some neuro-lymphatic points.

What and where are the neuro-lymphatic points?

These are points that run down each side of the spine both front and back. At the back, these run from the base of the skull down the neck and ribs until you reach your tailbone, and in front, across the shoulder/collarbone and down the ribs.

Massaging these points raises your energy and clears toxins from the body.

Follow my short video above to find out how


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