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Re-balance and re-charge your body - central and governing meridian

Updated: Apr 15

In Kinesiology we work with the meridians, the energy highways of the body. If you have attended one of my workshops, you will remember that I said our body is effectively two batteries that need to be charged – the central meridian and the governing meridian.

The first thing we check in Kinesiology are these energy centres. Are they working? Are they overcharged? We use muscle testing to gather the data to understand what is happening with the energy – whether there is any deficiency or excess.

Then we balance it [the energy] by working with the meridians and the neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular points.

You can work on your own central and governing meridians and neuro-lymphatic points to restore balance and energise your body. Here’s a video reminder of how to do those…..


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