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Kinesiology and inflammation

Updated: Apr 22

Functional Kinesiology is a kinesiology based approach to support and help those who have health, wellness and movement issues.

When the inflammatory response gets out of control or continues for an extended period of time, we use a variety of tools and techniques to find the imbalances within the body.

The Kinesiology treatment draws on the tools, techniques and systems of health and healing from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy, Bach flower remedies, nutrition, musculoskeletal and neuro-fascial practices and more.

When looking at inflammation, the starting point is to use the Triangle of health - blood sugars, stress, hormones - and then digestion and the immune system.

Within Kinesiology, we have the ability to assess and re-balance the body, establishing a framework of support to create an environment where your body can thrive, grow and heal using physical, emotional, electrical and nutritional techniques.

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