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Kinesiology and your Mindset

Updated: Apr 22

I'm here in the gorgeous, beautiful surroundings of the Park Centre in Wycombe with Tracy Cleeve and Crystal Farmer, where we're doing a Foundation Kinesiology weekend course.

So, I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about mindset and Kinesiology, and how it can help as well as how we're different - in terms of the way that we work.

What I really love about Kinesiology is the fact that, even though you might want to look at mindset, we're actually really taking into account everything that's going on for you - structurally, emotionally, electrically and also biochemically.

One of the things that Kinesiology does, is it incorporates ideas and techniques from the chiropractic world – where you look at the health of the body structurally, so are the bones are in line? If not, adjust the bones, and when the bones are inline, then the fluids can flow. The blood can flow. The lymphatic system can work effectively and we have "good health".

Mindset and your thoughts

In “functional kinesiology” and the foundation course, we teach attendees to look at good health as being all four aspects of you - emotional, structural, biochemical, and electrical.

So you mindset & your thoughts, how you talk to yourself, and therefore your emotions, can be impacted by all of these different realms.

Through Kinesiology, we are looking at how can we help you on all of those levels to be able to change the environment both within and around you. So that then when you are more balanced and the energy is flowing, your mindset can be calmer and clearer.

To find out more about Kinesiology and whether it is right for you, you can book a free 15 minute consultation with Zoisa or try a mini 30 minute taster session.

Or if you're ready to take the first step you can book your assessment:


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