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Looking after your health & vitality

Updated: Apr 22

This Christmas period has seen many changes including our ability to travel and be with friends and families for the festive period. A great way to start the New Year is to focus on looking after your health and vitality in 3 important areas.

Our health & vitality is dependent upon our ability to balance the 3 areas of the Triangle of health.

  1. The nutritional/chemical,

  2. mental/emotional and

  3. structural/physical area of health.

Functional Kinesiology sessions use the triangle of health and a unique four phase approach to empower you to know and understand what your body requires.

Area 1: Nutritional/Biochemical health

Have you over indulged over the Christmas period? A good way to revitalise is to start with the morning off with a warm lemon drink. Water helps to hydrate and nourish cellularly and the warmth of water supports the digestion as its temperature is warm as absorption is more easy.

Area 2: Mental/Emotional health

Taking a break, downtime, playtime, having fun doing things you love, being in nature, the fresh air and walking all help to change your mental and emotional state. Variety, creating space and creating time to nurture your mental and emotional health can be as simple as taking time for a shower, bath, listening to music, diffusing scents in the air, being creative.

Area 3: Structure/Physical health

Your physical alignment, static and dynamic posture are connected to your biochemical, mental and emotional health and how you use or do not use your bodies. A simple 20 minute walk improves circulation, clears your head and is good for joint mobility and strength. HOW you walk or keep active is even more important, learn to be come more aware of how you move and any excess strain or tension in your system with an initial assessment.

Make choices to maintain, sustain and nurture you?

During the pandemic where our systems can become strained and overloaded, Functional Kinesiology treatment can help to relieve a stressed nervous system and give our natural immunity a much needed boost.

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