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Top 10 tips to prolong the benefits of massage

Updated: Apr 22

Here are my top 10 Tips for Massage Aftercare to prolong the benefit and effects of your massage.... Click right to view each new tip....

  1. Hydrate - water in, water out. This will continue to clear the toxins and replenish your body with fresh fluids.

  2. Rest & relax - this will allow your body-mind-spirit to restore

  3. Avoid alcohol, coffee, and strong flavoured foods at least 12 hrs. Your body is clearing toxins, allow it time to do its job.

  4. Listen to your body! - rest, sleep, allow any emotional release

  5. Do gentle movements and breathwork - these support the body's cleansing and restoring processes.

  6. Book another massage! Don't wait for excess tension to build up. Self care is important.

  7. Feel the difference - take a moment to notice the improvements in your posture, continue to exercise and stretch to maintain structural support.

  8. Choose your food - Eat a balanced nutrient rich meals for your biochemistry to build restore and maintain health.

  9. Notice triggers - Notice how long the benefits of the massage last and what triggers or habits build up excess tension.

  10. Recognise & Reward - its important to acknowledge and praise yourself for taking the time for 'self care'.

Go ahead, treat yourself to some self care!


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