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Understanding your grief

Updated: Apr 22

Today as we mourn Queen Elizabeth and say our final farewell, you may be experiencing a sense of grief. For some, this occasion will trigger memories of personal loss for family members. For others perhaps a sense of sadness for the Royal family.

You may even be surprised at the depth of your grief. Some people have expressed confusion over their feelings for a person they did not know personally. And yet, this is not unusual.

For many of us, we have only ever known the Queen as our monarch. It’s been a kind of given, a foundation, even if we are not royalists. And in a post Covid era, with many changes, a new Prime Minster, a war in Ukraine, pressures on our finances through fuel increases, perhaps loss or redundancy, it is not uncommon to experience anxiety or grief at a time already marred with substantial change and uncertainty.

To help you understand your grief, I have created this video to walk through the stages of grief and also some key questions and actions to take to help yourself through the grief journey. - Zoisa

Questions to ask yourself through your grief journey

If you are suffering with grief and would like to contact Zoisa for support, you can book a 121 health and life coaching or Kinesiology session:


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