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Our bodies warning signs - Where are you in the Wave?

Updated: Apr 22

Waves come in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes it can be a cold wave breaking on your feet in the hot sun.

Or the pull at your feet in the sand as the water recedes and the wave is pulled back.

The ebb and flow, rise and fall, twists and turns, as it crashes, dissipates, roars, swoshes, fizzes, bubbles.... There are so many textures of a wave, all of it has it different movements - just like us.

Personally, it feels that the waves have been getting bigger and bigger, and have crashed. Extra exertion was required in the lead up to completing a 26 mile marathon on 11th June 2022 for Macmillan, and rather than keep going I had to stop. My body said stop, even though my brain was on a different page.

But stopping, pausing or halting is necessary at some point, it is where the gathering comes.

You can ride the wave, change with its twists and turns but at some point your body gives you a warning sign that the wave must peak so it can pause and regather. Do you know what the signs are for your body? Do you know where you are in the wave?

My 'telltale signs' can be energy levels, throat, light headed or my sinus - opening and taking in all that pollen causing a post nasal drip. I only discovered this after going to Ear Nose & Throat Specialists a few years ago to find - well nothing, in fact. I was told that my sinuses were a little inflamed but there was nothing of any note to report.

But whilst discussing my symptoms with another Pilates colleague, she described what I had been experiencing. A sensation that you had to take a big inhale. But that as the sinuses had opened to take in all that lovely oxygen and fresh air, it seemed to take big lungful's of seasonal pollen (particularly tree pollen) instead. It felt like the whole of my nasal passage had opened right down to my stomach. There seemed to be no shut off valve. Just a sore inflamed throat due to excess mucus being produced as my body tried to clear its passages. Then the resulting stomach belching, hunger, thirst and drinking more water to reduce the acid reflux.

Thank goodness for the invention of anti-histamines, a cool damp towel to the forehead and eyes and peppermint and citrus drinks! They helped to alleviate the symptoms, along with some MELT-ing techniques for my face and feet to calm my nervous system. When you and your body are properly resourced, it is able to adapt and support itself through changes in seasons.

And now I know.... My "warning sign" that I am overdoing things and over stressing my nervous system is that I experience sinus problems. When this happens, I know that stopping and giving my body more time is the required action to take. When I can't remember or don't pay attention, that's when a friend or family member can help to remind me that my body is talking and I need to listen! I use my kinesiology meridian running exercises starting with the central and governing and then going through to the stomach and ending with large intestines.


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