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Wellness Wednesday - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Updated: Apr 22

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome affects 250,000 in the UK. Whilst the cause is not yet known, we do know that it affects women more than men, with a 4:1 ratio!

What are the symptoms?

Sleeping difficulties; Muscle or joint pain; Headache; Painful lymph nodes; Sore throat; Memory or concentration problems (brain fog) made worse by physical or mental effort; General malaise or flu-like symptoms; Dizziness or nausea; and Heart palpitations.

What can you do?

If you suspect or are concerned that you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome then consult a medical professional. Nutrition, appropriate exercise, rest and calming the nervous system are ways to help manage this condition.

If you need help to calm or balance your nervous system, try a relaxing massage or a Kinesiology session with Zoisa to balance over and under energies in your body and stress levels.


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