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Updated: Apr 24

What do you think of when your hear or talk about emotions? Are they good, bad? Positive, negative? Are they helpful, or do they hinder and get in the way?

Whatever your view point, emotions are a biological reactions, feelings that can be triggered from a variety of stimuli, thoughts, words, actions, environments.

Our sympathetic and stress response system - our flight, flight, freeze response - corresponds with the emotions of fear, anxiety, danger, safety. Then there is our parasympathetic system - the calm, safe, restorative, joyful, and happy emotions.

They are a fundamental part of our biology and can be used to help navigate and order our experience of the world around us.


We all have them, emotions are information, data that we then learn to decipher based on our experiences, context and environment. When we listen, they can guide and inform us and we have the ability to respond in a variety of ways. If you want more information on the science behind this, Psychology Professor Lisa Feldman Barrett who has studied emotion for over 25 years, mapping facial expressions, scanning brains and analysing hundreds of studies, gives a fascinating Ted Talk about what emotions really are and how we may have more control over our emotions than we think.

E~Motions - energy in motion

The Latin word for emotion, ‘emovere’ has roots in the word ‘movere’ to move, and means to 'move out' or 'to excite'. Emotions, as energy in motion form, transform and have a particular vibration or frequency and change. According to Dr Shawna Freshwater, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, NeuroPsychologist & Holistic Practitioner, emotions have four components:

  • vibrations/frequency,

  • physiological/biological,

  • behavioural, and

  • mind/mental.

The Chinese 5 Element medicine considers emotions as the flow of energy around the body and it relates to different organs, elements, seasons and muscles.

The emotions and their corresponding elements are listed below:

  • Joy, love, hate - Fire Element - High summer

  • Empathy, sympathy - Earth - Late summer

  • Grief, guilt, regret - Metal - Autumn

  • Fear, anxiety - Water - Winter

  • Anger, resentment - Wood - Spring


For energy to move and flow, it is important to have movement and an expression. Emotion is an expression, the ‘emote’ of energy - an ‘ion’ - and the particles have either a positive or negative charge.

The electrical charge or energy of emotions can be altered by bringing another electrical particle into the field, as mentioned at the beginning, thoughts, words actions, essential oils, foods, drinks, Bach remedies, homeopathy etc all have energy frequency, signatures and can be used to help to shift and change emot-ions. Neuroscience and neurologist suggest that emotions have a physiological lifespan of 90 seconds!!!

Why is this important to know?

Each of the different emotions have a different quality to them and vibration, when in balance there is an ebb and flow of the emotions. We can experience one or two or even a mixture of them in a day or over a shorter or longer period of time.

When there is an over or under energy in any of these emotions, then we can see or experience a tendency towards one of these emotions or even a lack of the emotion. Understanding these different elements of emotions can help you to manage or change your 'state' and have the ability to change how your perceive or respond to emotions, both yours and those of the people you interact with. As we mentioned earlier emotions are related to organs and muscles so when there is an emotional imbalance that has an impact on muscles they can become hypo or hyper tonic.

Consider your emotions

Looking at the Chinese 5 elements do you experience all of the emotions, do you avoid any emotions or is there an excess or do you get stuck in certain emotions? Functional Kinesiology sessions can work on balancing biological, electrical, emotional and structural imbalances and use a variety of techniques to help deal with emotional issues.

I had been struggling with an emotional situation for over 3 years, a problem that I simply couldn't move past and that I was allowing to cause me pain and distress regularly.
I was astounded at the change one kinesiology session made, releasing thoughts connected to the situation that I wasn't even aware of. And just like that, this crippling emotion had gone. I have studied NLP so I understand the science behind the change, but I am so grateful to Zoisa for helping me let go of this anguish.
Kelly, Somerset

Ready to free yourself from emotional blockers? Book a functional kinesiology assessment or session.

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