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Being human and finding your way...

Updated: Apr 22

When it comes to health and fitness, it's not just about what can be seen on the outside... Read on or press 'Play' and find out.....

Remember - you are not alone

I know that personally, I’ve been feeling a bit below par recently and I know that, often when I'm feeling a bit out of sorts, I'll reach for eating the snacky things like the crisps or the chocolate - even though I know its unhealthy, and ideally you should avoid eating certain foods because they will only stress the body more.

But the challenge comes when you're feeling low, and there's emotional stuff going on like those repetitive thoughts - I'm not good enough. Should I really do this? Who's going to listen to me? All that self-doubt, that rollercoaster of emotions that comes particularly in menopause and perimenopause.

I'm 50, I'm going through that. I get it.

So I'm just sharing some of my experiences and what goes on for me and what I put in place to recognise when it's happening and what to do to get out of that 'funk'.

And it's not about being correct, being perfect, or being right.

It's about thinking, I recognise it is happening and how do I get through it? What can I do to help myself? Who is my support network that can help me through this? How do I get through that rollercoaster or the dip? How can I ride it without feeling its in control of me?”

If you want help and support you can either book a 121 health and life coaching session with me, or join one of my workshops or courses:

Functional Kinesiology Foundation Course -

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Half day Health Workshop

Learn more about your own health and take control in my half day workshops (also a good introduction to the Functional Kinesiology Foundation Course......


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