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Hydration - why it's so important to keep our bodies in balance

Updated: Apr 22

What does a flowerbed and flowers have in common with me? .....

Hydration is key

Consider the impact of the recent rain, which has hydrated the flowers and flower beds. You'll notice how as well as some open flowers, some buds are closed, and still more are now little fruits they're all at different stages.

And when you come back to 'cellular: how the body works' considerations, you notice everything progresses and transitions at its own time. But we need the hydration to help it do this. And hydration needs to be continuous. If you think of the flowerbed and the flowers that needed hydration, one downpour is not sufficient. It may not go into the soil or reach the whole plant. Its whole growth depends on the balance of water in its system.

Similarly, for us hydration helps us with our stages and cycles. Hydration assists the nervous system, as does downtime, a change of scenery, a change of state.

But why the comparison with the garden? With it’s need for water to transition to different stages?

Ask yourself, when you’re thinking about your mindset, your goals, your wellbeing….

Do you allow things to just occur in their own time?
Do you give your body the support and backup where required?
Do you just allow the ‘fruit’ to grow?
Do you allow yourself to acknowledge that 'it's okay' for it to be in different stages? That it's okay for things to be not quite where we may want them to be or think that they should be?
How much can we let go of that push and control on ourselves and our expectations? It is even possible for us to let go of that push and control? Do we feel safe to let go of that push and control?
Have we got the energy - too much, too little?

MELT Method, hydration and exercise

One of the key aspects to supporting our body in whichever stage is to remain hydrated. For people who come to my Pilates classes (online or in person) you’ll know that we always use the MELT Method.

The class or session always begins

with a ‘check-in’, where we stop and take a moment to become ‘aware’ of, and connect with, our body: "how is it feeling?", "what needs doing?" Spotting the tightness, tensions, pain, stress.

Then we use the MELT Method balls and techniques to help hydrate our cells ready for exercise. And then, having prepared the body and checked in to see where it's at, reducing any excess tension, the next step is to really listen to your body as you’re moving, or doing that activity, exercise class, and really noticing the changes.

Do you do that? Check it out. See how it works.

To find out more check out my MELT Method page or book a 121 MELT Method session or class (available in person and online):


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