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It might be "NORMAL", but it's NOT normal for me!

Updated: Apr 22

This is something I have experienced myself first-hand but also something I hear time and time again from my clients.

Not being heard or feeling dismissed / invalidated when raising a health condition, is a key reason so many people are walking out of the GP route and into my clinics. And I'd like to share a story of this of one of my clients (who's given me permission to share her story) because it's a great example of both that AND the 'cycles and stages' that I will talk about in my future blogs and in my Take CONTROL of your HEALTH workshops.


It's probably a story that rings true to your own experiences.....

This client came to me first at the end of January suffering with very bad anxiety but unsure of the cause. I worked with some reiki and Kinesiology / NLP to help alleviate the symptoms and calm her nervous system in the first instance, which helped.

Then in February, she contacted me again one evening, VERY DISTRESSED, VERY PURPLE, sitting in a cold house in a cold February in a t-shirt and boiling hot. Clearly suffering with peri-menopausal symptoms (hot flush) and yet being told that: "Your blood test was normal, we are not detecting hormonal changes that would confirm the menopause."

Listen to my video blog now to find out what steps we took next....

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