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How can kinesiology improve sports performance?

Updated: Apr 22

When training in sport either for an event or just to improve your performance, there are times when you are having to push past your usual limits - training harder or having less recovery time due to training schedules.

Kinesiology can assist by ensuring that you have the vitality and nutrition in place so that all systems are working together to support and enhance your training goals.

Remember if you are putting your body through more physical stress, with perhaps additional or ongoing emotional and mental stressors, then all of this has an impact on your muscles and organs.

In functional kinesiology we can ensure that mind, body and spirit are all supported and balanced to help you achieve sporting goals, keep you playing the sport you enjoy for longer or recuperate after injury.

To find out more about Kinesiology and whether it is right for you, you can book a free 15 minute consultation with Zoisa or a mini 30 minute taster session.

Or if you're ready to take the first step you can book your assessment:


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