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Metabolic Syndrome

Updated: Apr 22

Excess weight around the waist, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes type 2, insulin resistance levels, PCOS, heart disease, dementia, browning of the folds of skin around the armpits and neck. These are common signs or symptoms of imbalance in our body systems, but when people have 3 or more of these 'risk factors' it is important to speak to a professional.

What does that mean?

Having one of these conditions puts you at risk for heart disease but when you have 3 or more of them and have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome this means that you are at a higher risk of serious health conditions including strokes and diabetes. According to NHS statistics one in three people over 50 years are affected by metabolic syndrome. The endocrine system is one of the main systems that controls your metabolism.

Activity & Fitness

Low activity levels, a sedentary lifestyle and obesity are all precursors for metabolic syndrome when left unaddressed. There are 21 opportunities each week to begin to create changes that will improve your risk factors.....What is it? The food that you put in your body!

Ensuring that each meal you eat has protein, fat and carbohydrates is important but so too is finding out what food intolerances you may have and looking at the amount of wheat, dairy and refined sugar that is consumed.

Starting to move more, exercise with resistance and do short busts of high intensity are all beneficial but also the time of day you workout can be key.

Good quality sleep and reducing the amount of stressors in your life are also important. Stressors can be biochemical, emotional, electrical and structural and they all have an impact on blood sugar levels.

A Functional Kinesiology session looks at any imbalances in your blood sugars, stress, hormones and endocrine system and then uses a variety of techniques to rebalance the energies to enable your body to function effectively.

You can book at Wells or Somerton

For more information about your daily eating check out our food sheet

4UPilates PFC food sheet
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