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More than just muscle strength...

Updated: Apr 22

Are you doing workouts or Pilates exercises and find that when you’re doing a move -say your “oysters” - that your neck is joining in? Or your back is working instead of your core during your four-point kneeling exercises? Ever wondered why your body can’t find the right muscle to do that work or sustain the movement?

Why isn't is working?

When I started learning Pilates, we took a view that the muscle just needed to be strengthened or stretched. But when you add Kinesiology to that knowledge - which uses muscle testing to identify which muscles are not ‘switching’ on when they should be and which are overworking - then you can understand how to balance the muscles so that that the right muscles are working effectively from nervous system to brain.

Now when you do your work out or try that exercise the muscle is there to activate, hold the signal and communicate effectively.

If that has you intrigued and you want to learn more about muscles, organs and imbalances and their impact on your health, join my Functional Kinesiology Foundation course which starts in the Autumn each year.

Check out my Courses and Workshop page for more information from 121 sessions, workshops, online courses and training to be a Kinesiologist courses...

If you want help and support you can either book a 121 health and life coaching session with me, or join one of my workshops or courses:

Learn more about your own health and take control in my half day workshops (also a good introduction to the Functional Kinesiology Foundation Course......


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