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Wellness Wednesday - Reducing work stress

Updated: Apr 22

According to the Perkbox's 2020 stress at work survey 40% of adults aged 45-54 are affected by stress due to work related office politics.

Whilst 55% of adults experience anxiety due to work stress, 43% of them lose sleep and 33% use food to cope.

What do you do to unwind, off load excess stress and tension?

Listen to music, take a walk, move...?

Deep breathing is a good way to calm the nervous system, support the vagus nerve and bring the parasympathetic nervous system online. Meditation, mindfulness and MELT Method are additional ways to de-stress.

If you need help to destress, take a look at Zoisa's restore and recharge treatments to rebalance the body and mind including Massage, Kinesiology

and MELT Method treatments or join a MELT class online or in person.


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