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Health, whole health and the bigger picture. What does that mean?

Updated: Apr 22

Often we hear the terms 'integrated health', or 'whole health', but what does that really mean?

Let’s take an example – my eye is currently a little bit swollen. What would be our 'normal' response to this? Dab on a bit of antiseptic cream to relieve the itching or heat? But what else do we do or think about it?

More than just your eye

I expect often, most people will just dab on the cream and then [like me yesterday] assume that’s enough and it will “just sort itself out”. We may think to ourselves, “Oh this is a sign that I'm not sleeping," or perhaps "I just got something in my eye"…But the thought might just stop there, along with perhaps another dab of cream.

But I want to invite you to consider the bigger picture. Consider:

  • What might that “sign” or symptom actually be telling you about what is going on in your body?

  • And is that symptom actually the root cause of what's going on?

If that has you intrigued and you want to learn more about your 'whole health', you can check out my Courses and Workshop page where you can:

  1. Join a one hour intro workshop to the body systems helping you to Find your Focus

  2. Join one of my regular half day health workshops

  3. Join my Functional Kinesiology Foundation course.

Or if you want to learn more about your body book a 121 Kinesiology session with me.

Functional Kinesiology Foundation Course -

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Learn more about your own health and take control in my half day workshops (also a good introduction to the Functional Kinesiology Foundation Course......


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