Mindset Makeover: how to get past the plateaux and get moving again.

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Your mindset is how you think, your attitude and your 'self-talk' and it is shaped by experiences, social interactions, beliefs, environments and more. When you reach a plateaux, a point you are unable to get past, the first step is to recognise where you are and how far your have come, PAUSE, REGROUP and then... TAKE ACTION

There are two mindsets - a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. We discuss this is a previous blog.


To get momentum going, change your state, your environment and get moving. Getting the blood flowing around your body by walking, being in nature, moving, dancing, listening to sounds, music, scents. Notice what sort of environment and space is it that you need around you to inspire you. You have the opportunity in each and every moment to create change. It only takes one moment to make a choice to change direction or grow. The benefits of a growth mindset are many, including a view to being able to improve at an activity no matter what your current competency. It can enable you to try new things, persevere with difficult tasks, and reward yourself for your efforts, rather than your outcomes.


When we create routines and habits that support a growth mindset, the benefits of those activities feel more productive and purposeful. You can look over your efforts and feel proud, even if there’s no noticeable improvement. It is about consistency, regular practice, the commitment you make to yourself and being accountable. It is easy to do when you are feeling buoyant but the challenge is to persevere and cultivate the behaviours and habits through small and simple steps and asking for help and support.


  • Create and prepare your environment and space to support you

  • Move your body to get the blood flowing

  • Write down, brainstorm, draw a picture of what you wish to achieve

  • Repeat the exercise noting the tools and resources you currently have and those you require

  • Is this something you can achieve by yourself or do you require help?

Contact me and learn more about Touch 4 Health sessions and how to wake up your brain, turn on your eyes and ears ready for action and how to embed in new habits and behaviours to support you. Plus watch our video below for 3 simple brain exercises to improve concentration, provide clear 'brain-to-body' communication & co-ordination and help unscramble a stressed mind.

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