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Wellness Wednesday - Depression

Updated: Apr 22

In the Kinesiology 5 element health balance, depression is associated with an imbalance in the 'METAL' element.

The metal element is connected to the lungs, colon and large intestines and manifests emotions such as grief, guilt and regret.

Signs of imbalance in the 'metal' element include: poor breathing pattern; chest conditions; digestive issues; and constipation or diarrhoea, and can also be seen structurally with symptoms such as: winging shoulder blade; feet turned outwards, bow legged/knock knees; and poor movement of the sacrum.

To balance this element in a Kinesiology session, we would find out whether it is over- or under-energised and then apply the opposite energy in the 5 elements.

We always work with an under and over energy, putting energy into the under-energised organ and taking it out of the over energised one.


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