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Your big toe's connected to your..... well quite a lot of 'you' really.....

Updated: Apr 22

"Your toe bone's connected to your.... foot bone, and your foot bone's connected to your heel bone.... and your heal bone's connect to your... ankle bone....."

Do you remember that song from your early school days? If you do you're probably signing it now and I apologise for getting that one stuck in your head! But today's video blog is about our Big Toe. Why? Read on or press 'Play' and find out.....

Why is the big toe important?

Well the big toe really does connect into your ankle, but it is also connected to other conditions - such as gout - and also our bodily functions. For example, our spleen, liver and stomach meridians are connected to your big toe, so this is what you eat, and your bodies ability to digest, redistribute and detox. Interesting hey?

So big toes are really important to how we function - from a mechanical point of view, we have the windlass mechanism, so as you roll the feet, it lifts the arch and then pumps the blood back up the calf.

But how do you help your big toe?

We can use the MELT Method and the small and large MELT balls to help maintain the alignment of the foot to get more fluid flow and calm the nervous system. But we can also use our Kinesiology knowledge, looking at all the different connected muscles to the big toe and the meridians. Helping us to 're-balance' structurally, biochemically, electrically and emotionally.

Want to know more?

I can help you understand more about MELT and Functional Kinesiology through:

Oh, and if you're still singing and agonising over the lyrics - you want to google "Dem Bones"

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