Why walking isn't just to make us warm.

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Walking briskly can help to reduce body fat, lower blood pressure and boost the circulation. The foot plays an important part in the return of blood flow back up to the heart. When the heel is off the ground and the calf muscle is contracted, this helps to push blood up the legs and back to the heart. This function is weakened by poor toe mobility and poor dorsiflexion (raising the foot upwards towards the shin when we walk).


The lymphatic system is a network of vessels flowing through almost all tissues in the body. Its functions include: draining fluid from tissues, contributing to the immune system and facilitating fat absorption. Lower legs and feet can become swollen when fluid has difficulty moving back up the body. While there are many causes, poor lymphatic drainage is almost always a factor.

The movement of lymph through the body depends partly on muscle movement, so doing exercise is a great way of stimulating the lymphatic system. Body brushing in an upwards direction towards the heart also helps the lymphatic system.


Different shoes have an impact on the mobility of the feet, their ability to shock absorb and adapt to the transference of weight as you walk. Tight, heavy shoes reduce the flexibility of the toes and the recoil action through the inner arches of the feet. When the feet are restricted in movement then the body will compensate by using other joints to assist in the action. When the feet have more room to move in the shoe and the ground is slippery the toes and foot muscles work more to keep us balanced and upright.

Changing how you lace your shoes can assist with the different foot shapes, for example high arches, wide feet or foot pain.

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