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The gut system and structural imbalances - what's the connection?

Updated: Apr 22

Part one - Structure and the gut system

Think of structure as your posture, bones, ligaments and joints. If you were following my last blog, then you'll remember I spoke about the connective tissue system.

We are structural beings, we have a skeletal muscle connective tissue system. But your stomach, or gut is also a key structure within the body. So depending on what is happening in the connective tissue system, how your skeleton is positioned, will an impact on what is happening in the gut.

If there's any misalignment of your structure: your pelvis is slightly out, your spine is too flex, your muscles around the diaphragm area are holding too much tension, tension in the muscles in the back of the body, tension in your hamstrings - all of these misalignments and tensions will alter not just the pelvis but other areas of the body.

Understanding this connection between your stomach/gut and structure is really important to understand your digestion and digestive issues.

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