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Why correct repetition of an action is important

Updated: Apr 22

Repetition is important when creating new habits, learning and building strength. The action of repeating creates chemical reactions, as synapses fire and wire together. Each time the reactions happen they create stronger bonds which creates long term memory.

Performing or executing a move, action or skill perfectly can be defined as doing it 'as as good as it can be'. Where you focus you attention is very important, as the brain can not gauge perfection.

Movement re-patterning, MELT Neurostrength and Neuro-based exercising encourage mindful practise. A low number of repetitions, hydrated connective tissue and body sense can help when creating new neural pathways.

Start now by bringing an awareness to how you are breathing, what is moving, what is still, how long is the inhale or exhale, how does your posture affect your breathing?

Once you have noticed what is going on then you can choose to repeat the same thing or change it and notice what happens when you change or challenge it.

For help with your exercising or body alignment awareness book at 121 session with Zoisa


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